2021 BMW Inext Specifications and Price

2021 BMW Inext

The currently most ambitious project of BMW is the fully autonomous driving INEXT. According to BMW, the next INEXT will start its production at the Dingolfing factory in 2021 and be a kind of electric crossover. While BMW simply claims that it will be a “bigger vehicle”, BMW claims that it is similar in size and shape to the Jaguar I-Pace. So it should be a bigger larger than the current BMW i3 and more of a crossover than a tailgate.

Similar in size to the X5 SUV, the INext Vision is a showcase of BMW’s autonomous, electric and connected vehicle technologies. It is designated by the company as “Project I 2.0”, a reference to the original electric concept car of the company dating from 2007 and presenting an overview of its range of electric vehicles I.

2021 BMW Inext Specifications and Price

The car will offer a level 4 automation requiring little or no human intervention, while offering the driver the opportunity to take control of the steering.

BMW states that the INext Vision has been developed to answer key questions for the future of the automobile, focusing on electrification, connectivity and autonomy. Harold Kruger, chairman of the BMW Group, said: The INext project will be our basis for the future, of which all the company and all its brands are going to benefit.

BMW’s development director, Klaus Frohlich, described the INext Vision as a “brand leader” that will lie outside the growing range I. It is a size SUV roughly similar to that of the X5, although it is much bigger inside because of its EV architecture, with its front and rear engines and its ground batteries.

BMW also asserts that the INEXT “will also have a new future-oriented interior and the most modern network technologies”.

It will also showcase lightweight materials and the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques to minimize weight. Imagine a lot of carbon fiber in the chassis and body, so the flexible panels of the Concept Vision NEXT 100 are probably irrelevant.

So even if you can’t dream of tracking down the replicas of your futuristic BMW, the INEXT will still be impressive.

2021 BMW Inext Specifications
The iNext is equipped with thin headlights and a bold version of the BMW Mobile Grille, which serves as a “smart panel” to house many sensors necessary for self-driving. In close proximity, the panel has a 3d-printed pattern, with a semi-luminescent coating designed to refer to the systems it contains.

The panoramic roof is designed to make the interior more airy, with pronounced curves on the clean sides. INext has opposite doors without pillars B, to allow unhindered access inside. The concept was presented with a pattern of copper paint that gradually changes in nuance over the length of the vehicle.

In addition to the standalone mode, the INext offers two driving modes: Boost, which concentrates the steering wheel and display panels towards the driver, and Ease. In stand-alone mode, the steering wheel folds to create more space.

Kruger added: “The BMW Vision INext represents a new era of pure driving pleasure. It underlines the leading role played by Germany in the future of mobility. “

While the production version of INext is planned for 2021, the level of autonomy it offers will depend on regulation and infrastructure-and this can vary depending on the country. While China and other Asian markets could soon allow these types of systems, it will probably take much longer until the UK has a four-way autonomy.

2021 BMW Inext Specifications

At first glance, the INEXT Vision presents design features of fairly conventional SUVs, but many details show that there is something different. The vertical gills at the four corners of the front apron are clearly inspired by the BMW X7, while the ‘ Streamflow ‘ glass line clearly indicates that it is a car I.

During this time, the masked grille serves two things; First, it shows that it is an electric car. and, secondly, it houses some of the many sensors necessary for the level 3 autonomous driving functions which, according to BMW, will be ready by the start of the car sale in 2021.

2021 BMW Inext Interior

This is where we are in strictly conceptual territory. So, although there are all kinds of amazing features – like a steering wheel that collapses into the dashboard when the car is self-contained and touch panels integrated into the rear seat structure, allowing passengers to Control minor functions, such as audio volume-they will not appear in the production car.

2021 BMW Inext Engine and Price

Until now, BMW has made no mention of the engine of the production version of the concept Vision INEXT. However, we know that it will be built on a platform that supports not only fully electric powertrains, but also gasoline, diesel and rechargeable hybrids.

To give us an idea of the comparison, we know that the BMW I4, which is designed to use the same platform, will support a battery with a maximum capacity of 120 kWh, for an autonomy of 435,000. However, given that the INEXT is a larger vehicle, it seems reasonable to expect an autonomy of just under 400,000.

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